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Freight Exchange Opens New Terminal

November 21, 2012

Freight Exchange Opens Rio Grande Valley Terminal: The North American truckload carrier continues to expand its national and international presence by adding another strategically located terminal.Freight Exchange North America (F/X) has recently opened a new terminal in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The new terminal is a great addition as it offers a large trailer yard, tractor parking, a sales and recruiting office and many other driver amenities. It will serve as a key strategic component to the F/X network.

The terminal is located adjacent to the Mexican border in Pharr, Texas. The Rio Grande Valley, which has several border crossing points to facilitate NAFTA trade, will support F/X's core competency of serving cross border operations within several verticals including healthcare, automotive and consumer electronics.

"We are very excited to add the Rio Grande Valley to our network, which will further grow our service offerings for our customers," said Todd Bennett, president of F/X. "The response to this expansion has been tremendous and we thank our customers for growing with us."

F/X plans to create more terminals in 2013 in Laredo, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee among others. By continuing the geographic expansion strategy across the US, F/X can provide more service offerings for customers as well as provide a friendly network to the fleet of drivers. Bennett believes that factoring customer and driver needs into decisions affecting growth is the best way to add value to the enterprise.